About us

The idea behind Imprezart came from our experiences participating in and later organizing puzzle hunts. For us, these originated in “The Game”: an intense 24hr puzzle hunt, which has been operating in Seattle and Silicon Valley since the 1980s (more info herehere, and here). Former Game participants have gone on to organize similar events for hundreds of corporate clients around the world.

In the 1990’s Monika Czajkowska-Westin (former scout, tour guide, and travel fanatic) and Mark Westin (problem solver and traveler, who experienced The Game at Stanford in 1993) brought this format to Poland. At first for friends, then adding events for corporations, foundations, schools, and private individuals, in locations around Poland (plus one in the US), with over a thousand satisfied clients and participants. Mark is now pursuing this full time, and loving every minute of it.

Email: mark@imprez.art
Phone: +48 601 900 025