Gra miejska integracja Gniew piwnica krzyzacka
Gra miejska integracja Gniew piwnica krzyzacka
Gra miejska integracja Gniew piwnica krzyzacka

City Game: Conquer Gniew

During this city game, participants will explore Gniew’s castle and the Old Town, learning the centuries-old stories of the city and soaking up its medieval atmosphere.

Who are the mysterious figures of ghosts and knights that appear among the narrow streets? Where does that secret door lead? What puzzles hide in the dark recesses? Is there a grain of truth in the legends about the castle dungeons and the hidden treasures and underground corridors within?

The ghost of the good Teutonic commander Zygmunt von Ramungen would like to rest after serving the castle for over 600 years.

Teams of knights from nearby Teutonic castles (the participants) help Zygmunt by solving a series of physical, mental, and psychological challenges, including Augmented Reality in Gniew’s castle and Old Town. To succeed, they will need imagination and cunning; perceptiveness and speed; and above all group cooperation, becoming true “brothers-in-arms” in the end.

Those with stout minds and clear hearts will learn the history and legends and experience the beauty of this picturesque city and castle.

Ne timeas!!! (Be not afraid!) As your hearts are true and your minds are clear, now is the time to help free Zygmunt from his servitude.

Now is the time to Conquer Gniew.

Supported by our customized mobile application

The event is supported by our customized mobile application, ClueKeeper, This replaces the traditional „paper-based” approach with GPS-based guidance to specific locations, augmented reality clues, and clear and consistent hints.  Participants also have online access to real time scoring, with a leader board visible to all.

  • 3-4 hour event, in English or Polish
  • Number of participants: 50+

Ukryte zadania / Hidden clues

Przed zamkiem krzyżackim / In front of the castle

Lokalne postaci / Local characters

Instrukcje w aplikacji / In-app instructions

Rozszerzona rzeczywistość / Augmented reality

Wyznaczona trasa / GPS-based guidance

Wyniki w czasie rzeczywistym / Real-time results

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