Forest training center

The hotel grounds are transformed into a „Training Center”, where Volunteers learn the skills they will need in a fight for survival.

The terrain, full of challenges and surprises, is divided into four zones: strategy, survival, orientation and combat.

Small teams of Volunteers overcome a variety of challenges in each zone, each of which requires different skills: mental, physical, psychological, and most of all, group cooperation. Everyone is needed, and will find a challenge that suits them.

Each team passes through each zone during the event, earning points towards their final score.

The rivalry between the Volunteers can get intense because the stakes are high: the respect of their peers!

Supported by our customized mobile application

The event is supported by a customized mobile application, ClueKeeper, which replaces the traditional „paper-based” approach to event management.

Each team receives a separate schedule, and teams are guided to particular locations and provided hints, directions, and reminders throughout the event.

Participants can track their results – and other teams’ – in real time, increasing engagement and rivalry to the very end.

  • 3,5 – 5 hour event, in English or Polish 
  • Number of participants: 50-125

Strefa Walki / Combat Zone

Strefa Przetrwania / Survival Zone

Strefa Strategii / Strategy Zone

Indywidualna trasa / Individualized routes

Instrukcje w aplikacji / In-app instructions

Rozszerzona rzeczywistość / Augmented reality

Wiadomości / Messages

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