Wrocław City Game: The Dwarf Challenge

Wrocław’s dwarfs are more than just cute figurines scattered around the city, and also more than a symbol and remembrance of the Pomarańczowa Alternatywa movement in the 1980’s. A few more activist dwarfs have also established an secret society called “Wee Ones Watch Over Wrocław” (WoWoW) to guard Wrocław’s history, legends, and culture. Dwarfs are really good at keeping secrets, so you may not have heard of it…

A young and ambitious dwarf has just received an invitation to a WoWoW recruiting event, and would be thrilled to join such an elite group. But this will be no simple interview!

WoWoW’s Head of Recruiting, Zagadnik, has designed a series of puzzles and challenges to verify that both the dwarf and their sponsors (that’s you!) can demonstrate the teamwork, creative problem-solving skills, strong moral character, and knowledge of Wrocław’s history & culture (especially its legends) which the society demands.

Perfect for your corporate integration event!

Supported by our customized mobile application

The event is supported by our customized mobile application, ClueKeeper, This replaces the traditional „paper-based” approach with GPS-based guidance to specific locations, augmented reality clues, and clear and consistent hints.  Participants also have online access to real time scoring, with a leader board visible to all.

  • 3 hour event, in English or Polish
  • Number of participants: 30+
  • Format: Either hosted (with moderator) or self-guided (using only the application)
  • Attractive pricing. Discounts for schools, non-profits, and public sector

Ostrów Tumski

Kreatywne rozwiązywanie problemów / Creative problem solving

Wskazówki krasnala / Hints from a dwarf

Rozwiązywanie zadania / Solving the clues

Instrukcje w aplikacji / In-app instructions

Rozszerzona rzeczywistość / Augmented reality

Impreza integracja Serock aplikacja nawigacja

Wyznaczona trasa / GPS-based guidance

Wyniki w czasie rzeczywistym / Real-time results

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